PanPastels Make their TV debut Today March 21, 2012

five colour set Panpastel

5 colour basic set of PanPastels

Well if you have never tried PanPastel or seen them demonstrated, then today is the day to discover them. Just switch on your TV to the Create & Craft Channel today at 11am and you’ll see the talented Kay Halliwell Sutton from IndigoBlu showing you how to use PanPastels with your stamps.

You will see first hand just how easy they are to use and the range of things you can do with them. Remember they are a dry colour so you don’t even have to wait for them to Dry !!! So grab a cup of coffee settle into you comfy TV chair and enjoy. If after watching your inspired to have a go, then don’t forget we have our Spring Offer on Panpastel. You can enjoy 10% discount off and free Postage & Packing. To see this offer follow this link to our site

PanPastel Spring Special Offer

We’d love to hear what you think about them.

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PanPastel Spring Offer-Money off and Free P & P March 20, 2012

PanPastel Tints used to create soft subtle background

Kerry Kennedy's Bunny Rabbit birthday card using Pastel Tints from the PanPastel range to produce soft subtle colours

If you are tempted to buy some new craft materials, like the fabulously versatile Panpastels, but just need that extra bit of encouragement then we may have just what you need. It’s our Spring PanPastel Offer.

We are offering our customers 10% off the normal RRP of all Panpastel Colours, PanPastel Sets and even the PanPastel Tools.

Gillian's wonderful card made with Magenta pink and Voilet PanPastels

Gillian's wonderful card made with Magenta Pink and Voilet PanPastels. Perfectly complimented by the embellishments she has added.

If you are not familiar with the range there are 80 beautiful colours to choose from and hundreds more you can ceate by blending and mixing the Panpastels together.

The PanPastels are so easy to use. Those tasks that previously took 10 minutes, like creating a background, can be achieved in a mere fraction of the time.

Not only that we are also throwing in free Postage and packing too !!!

So how do I get this PanPastel Special Offer ? Visit our website Your Creativity Store   select what you want from the PanPastel & Sofft Tools range and when you are paying for your items simply use the following code at the checkout (payment stage)

VOUCHER CODE:      panpastel

So what are you waiting for!!! you’ll get your 10% off and FREE P & P

If you need a bit of inspiration as to just what you can do with your PanPastels then visit the PanPastel Challenge blog. Here you can join in the weekly challenges and get a chance to win a PanPastel Trial Set with colours & tools !!!!!! Here’s the link to the PanPastel Challenge blog

PanPastel Challenge blog

Wiid horses stamped over a beautifully blended background of Panpastel Blues & Greens

Eileen's fabulous Wild horses stamp on a blended Blue and Green PanPastel background. While Yellow and Reds from the PanPastel range created the sun.

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PanPastels – Why Not Try Something New for Spring

Claire Chapmans beautiful Tag made using red & orange Panpastel

As Spring is said to officially start on 21st March we thought we’d encourage you to take up something new – a kind of new beginning. If you have never tried PanPastels then you are missing out. It could be the start of something totally new for you.

If you already craft PanPastels will compliment the things you already have in your craft treasure trove of goodies. You can use PanPastels with anything and everything including your stamps, promarkers and Copics, inks etc… and they won’t change the way your products work or impair their performance.

PanPastels are so easy to use with their remarkable blending abilities. If you struggle to get that perfect background with your brayer then help is at hand. With PanPastels you can produce perfect backgrounds in seconds and without all that hard work and effort. Plus you don’t waste half of your colour round the edges.

PanPastel colours are all artist quality meaning that those beautiful vibrant colours will last a lifetime without fading. The high quality artist pigment used to manufacture Panpastels means they don’t muddy like some inferior colours when you mix them together. Instead PanPastel produce perfectly clear vibrant colour mixes.

PanPastels can be used on any sort of paper or card surface right from the supersmooth card designed for use with Marker pens right through to textured papers.

Here are just a few examples of the fabulous cards made by the PanPastel Design Team with PanPastel

Lindsay's Wonderful Majestic Big Cat drawn free hand and coloured with Panpastels

As you will see from the examples PanPastels can be used in a variety of ways and whatever your style they will add and enhance it.

Brenda's fabulous pastel pinks and purple pan Pastels complimented by the embellishments

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PanPastel Independent Product Review – Hear what others think November 10, 2011

If you have heard about PanPastel but can’t decide if they are for you, then have a read of the indpendent review by UK Based Artist – Crafter – Blogger, Kim Dellow. You can see the full review by clicking on the logo for Kims blog below:

A snippet of Kim’s article includes quote “Well, straight away I can easily say that I love the colour choices, for us crafters particularly, there are some bang on trend colours on offer. The first thing I did after ‘ooing’ and ‘ahing’ over the colours of course, was to see how the colour laid down …….

Kim used the PanPastels to produce a fabulous altered book page with the Skeleton Gentleman stamp. Kim Dellow is the Guest Designer over at the PanPastel UK Challenge Blog.

You too can enter the weekly PanPastel Challenge Blog for a chance to win a voucher to spend in our on line store Your Creativity Store Shop.

PanPastel 5 colour Set from Your Creativity StorePanPastel are a really vesatile colouring medium that can produce wonderful backgrounds for your cards in minutes. As with Kim’s example you can use them to colour stamped images and a whole host of other things.

If you would like to know more about the PanPastel range and the wonderful Sofft Tools follow this link to our website PanPastel & Sofft Tools

Oh…… i almost forgot – by visiting Kim Dellows blog you can get an exclusive discount code to use on our website – so you can enjoy experiementing with PanPastel for even less money. Here’s the link again

Kim Dellows Blog

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Second PanPastel Challenge is underway October 6, 2011

Using 20 colour PanPastel trayThe PanPastel second challenge is well underway. The subject this week is – New Beginnings. so you could interpret it as say New home, New Job etc…. You can enter up to 2 items, the second one does need to be done with PanPastel.

For more info visit the PanPastel Challenge blog via this link PanPastel Weekly Challenge Blog.

 You have until 12 o’ clock on Saturday to post your entry. The winner is chosen via a random number generator.

If you do win, you’ll get a £5 gift voucher to spend in our on line store. Click here Your Creativity Website & Store

If you want to try PanPastel, we have a great offer on at the moment. We have 2 trial sets that have a contents worth approximately £20 and we have them available at just £11.99 and we’ll even throw in FREE Carriage.

Each set has 2 PanPastel colours and a selection of Sofft Tools. This is a really cost effective way to try out PanPastel. If you would like to view the 2 sets these links will take you to them in our store PanPastel Trial Set 1 ,  PanPastel Trial Set 2

PanPastel are an extremely versatile crafting colour medium. PanPastel can be applied to all sorts of surfaces and unlike standard chalk pastels you don’t get all that dust. The colours can be mixed and blended really easily. One PanPastel colour goes a very long way so if you are a prolific card maker, scrap booker or altered artists then they are very cost effective.

For more infromation on the PanPastel products and the colour range follow this link : PanPastel Range

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FREE WORKSHOPS – PanPastel & Sofft Tools @ Hobbycrafts Show NEC September 25, 2011

PanPastel and sofft ToolsSo what is PanPastel I hear you say. Well it is a premium quality Pastel range of 80 colours that can be used in all sorts of crafting applications including Card Making, Scrapbooking and Altered Art. The product is uniquely packed in a pan format and can be applied to almost any surface with Sofft Tools that were specially designed for the task. The colour is so easy to use and can be blended effortlessly, to produce some wonderful results.

If you want to be one of the first to try PanPastel, we will be running 3 FREE workshops each day at the Hobbycrafts Show held at the NEC Birmingham, November 3rd – 6th 2011.

The workshops will be run by Kerry Kennedy who is the PanPastel Design Team Leader. Kerry has been crafting for many years and fell in love with PanPastel the first time she tried them. During the 30 minute workshop Kerry will show you various ways in which you can use PanPastel in your craft projects. The session will be hands on, so you will be able to truly experience the product for yourself. Workshop participants will be able to take home whatever they have made during the session.

Sofft Tools Group shotThe workshops can be booked on a first come first served basis, so please come and register early at Stand J11.
At the show we  (Creativity Store – ) will bring you the full range of PanPastel single colours, PanPastel Sets & the Sofft Tools range. There will be a number of exclusive Show Offers available from the Creativity Store stand which is located adjacent to the workshop area, at Stand N12.

PanPastel & the Sofft Tools range will appeal to both those new to crafting and experienced Crafters. To see just how versatile the range is visit the PanPastel UK Blog at

Workshop Timings – Running Daily, Thursday 3rd – Sunday 6th November 2011,  NEC Birmingham.
Workshop 1 10.00 – 10.30
Workshop 2 10.45 – 11.15
Workshop 3 11.30 – 12.00

For examples and ideas of what you can do with PanPastel, visit the PanPastel Weekly Challenge Blog and see what the PanPastel Design Team and others have been doing visit

For further information visit:

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New Craft Challenge Blog Launching This Weekend September 22, 2011

We are delighted to be sponsoring the very First PanPastel Challange Blog.
PanPastel is a unique range of dry pigment colours that can be used on a whole range of surfaces.
The product was originally conceived for the Art market but as it can be used to create fabulous results in Card Making, Scrapbooking and Altered Art, it is quickly being adopted by the crafting market.
To learn more about the challenge and the prize on offer why not visit the blog. I’ve attached a link here for you.

The Newly formed PanPastel Design Team have and will be adding more of their creations to the Challenge so you can see exactly what this product can do.
You can enter upto 2 of your creations, the first can be done with any media, the second needs to be done with PanPastel. For a nice easy start, the theme for this weeks challenge is “Anything Goes”.

I hope you enjoy it and have some fun in the process.

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Want to try 66 new Watercolours for £4.99? November 18, 2010

Daniel Smith 66 Dot Try It Card

Daniel Smith 66 Dot Try It Card

To mark the Launch of Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolours into the UK, you can try 66 different colours from their 230 Colour range for just £4.99.

How you might ask? Well they have produced a fantastic 66 colour “Try It” Sheet. The Daniel Smith “Try It” Sheet contains 66 paintable colour dots which you can paint out on to your favourite paper. As their paints are so highly pigmented a bit of their colour goes a very long way.

The great thing about the Daniel Smith “Try It” Sheet is that they have carefully selected the 66 colours so you can get a taste of the wonderful Quinacridones, Primatek and Luminescent colours. To learn a little bit more about them read on ……

Quniacridone Colours

The “Try It” sheet contains a number of the Quinacridones from the range. Quinacridone colours combine the power of the staining pigments with the luminosity of the transparents. They flow beautifully for extremely smooth washes, have incredible depth of colour and can be lifted easily while still wet.

They have proved to be very popular since their introduction, as no other colours have both the intensity and transparency of the quinacridone family. They are synthetic organic pigments, created in the world’s most advanced colour laboratories. Miniscule pigment particles are exceptionally uniform in size and shape, which translates into unfailing behaviour in the paint.

The quinacridone colour range – rich golds, oranges, pinks, reds and violets – covers a wide swath of the spectrum. Many artists have substituted the fantastic earthy golds and oranges for traditional ochres and siennas, instantly super-charging their palettes with these intense and extremely lightfast colours.

Daniel Smith Primatek Watercolours

You’ll also have the opportunity to try out the Daniel Smith PrimaTek colours. They are unique paints made with pure, authentic mineral pigments that are mined directly from the earth. These colours have captured the imagination of artists for hundreds or even thousands of years. Their diversity is amazing.

Daniel Smith Luminescent Watercolours

There are 18 Luminescent Watercolours for you to experience on the “Try It” Sheet. Luminescent Watercolours can be used alone or mixed into standard colours for striking effects of light and colour. Miniscule particles of titanium-coated mica are the secret. Different sized particles and thicknesses of coating provide the dazzling array of choices.

Interference and Pearlescent colours appear almost colourless, but when applied over a dark colour they bounce back gleaming colour. The interference colours take on different hues depending on the point of view and how the light is striking them. Viewed from one angle, Interference Green is a shimmering, pearly green. Viewed from another angle, it refracts a reddish hue.

The Duochrome colours bounce between two distinct colours depending on the reflective light providing pure visual excitement! The Iridescent colours reflect light directly and provide a fascinating sense of depth, along with intense colour and sheen.

The Iridescent colours reflect light directly and provide a fascinating sense of depth, along with a distinctive sheen. The colour ranges of these colours are the most intense.

If you are still sitting on the fence we’ll even post the Daniel Smith “Try It” Sheet to you carriage FREE !!!

To order your  “Try It” Sheet follow this link DANIEL SMITH WATERCOLOUR 66 DOT TRY IT SHEET

To Learn more about the range and each colours properties follow this link DANIEL SMITH EXTRA FINE WATERCOLOUR PAINTS.

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Daniel Smith Watercolours Available now in the UK.

Smalt Genuine Daniel Smith Watercolour 15ml tube

Smalt Genuine Daniel Smith Watercolour

Artist Dan Smith, started his business in 1976 with the objective of bringing the highest quality inks to the print-artist community. Building on this earlier success Dan then set out to create a range of Artist quality watercolours with one goal in mind: to bring the watercolour artist the very best product available. However not only did he aspire to bring artists the best quality, he also wanted to be innovative and bring something new to the table. His dream came to fruition with the introduction of a hugely innovative American-made collection of paints that just happened to change the world of watercolours forever. You too can now experience and enjoy these wonderful Watercolours right here from a UK supplier.

Daniel Smith was the first to offer Quinacridone pigments in artists’ paints. These fantastic, powerful colours, originally created for the car industry, give artists new and vibrant choices perfect for glazing. 

Today there is more than 200 colours in the range! The sheer range of possibility they offer is endless and unparalleled in the industry. The amazing selection spans the spectrum from the historical, to natural earth and PrimaTek™ Colours, to the brightest, boldest colours modern technology has to offer. The sheer amount of pigment packed into each tube is exceptional, as is their policy of providing complete product information on each label.

If you want to know more about the Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolour Range follow this link to our website.We stock 230 colours in the Watercolour Tubes and 40 colours in the Artist quality Watercolour Pigment Sticks. Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolours

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Great New Range of Art books August 5, 2010

For the first time ever, a great new range of art books have become available for purchase in the UK.. The range is known internationally as the Leonardo Collection. There are 46 titles in the series which were designed and created as both a valuable tool for beginners and a strong support for professional artists.

Drawing Animals No.13 Leonardo collection

Drawing Animals No.13 from The Leonardo collection

The Leonardo Collection offers exhaustive information on methods and strategies in both drawing and painting, starting from the basics of drawing and gradually presenting various media and techniques in a vast range of subjects.

 The first five titles of the series have been adopted by many art schools throughout the world because of the informative and easy to follow step-by-step practice and demonstration approach.

Each manual in the Leonardo Collection explores a single subject matter, but taken together they create a comprehensive survey of drawing and painting, useful for artists of all levels and abilities who want to expand their knowledge and skills. Each book measures 24 cm wide by 34 cm long, with 36 pages including the cover.

The range covers: The Fundamentals of Drawing and Painting; Drawing the Human figure; Portraiture (including caricatures); Drawing Animals and Pets; Drawing and Painting Landscapes; Still Life; Flowers; Cartoon and Comic Drawing, and even Decorative Patterns and Calligraphy.

Priced at just £6.99 each they are great for learning new skills and techniques, as you can work and learn at your own pace.

For more information click here Leonardo Range of Sketching, Drawing and Painting Books

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