Drawing Manga Eyes May 20, 2010

Essential parts of the eye

The essential parts of the eye that need to be incorporated

The diagram shows the essential parts of the eye. The eyes are an important subject especially in Manga. 

The upper and the lower eyelids determine its outline. In most drawings, the upper eyelids are more accentuated on the upper portion with the edge of the eyelashes pointing upwards. You will notice single or double-layered eyelids. 

Single layered eyelids

Single layered eyelids

Double layered eyelids

Double layered eyelids

The lower eyelid may sometimes disappear when there are tears present.
Lower Eyelid disappearing

Lower eyelids not visible

and sometimes are hardly ever shown as in the 2 illustrations below.
No lower eyelids

No lower eyelids

No lower eyelids

The cornea is drawn in an oval fashion often quite bigger than the outline of the eye. The top and bottom parts of the oval are covered by the eyelids therefore making the eyes appear slightly rectangular. 

Drawing the cornea of the eye

Drawing the cornea

Eyes are given life and sparkle through details like light being reflected by them. 

giving life and sparkle to the eye

Adding highlights to the eye

However, the eyelids may also be shown drooping downwards, instead of the normal way.
Eyelids drooping downwards

Eyelids drooping downwards

Manga eyes drooping eyelids
Why don’t you have a go at drawing the different types of eyes to explore how easy it is to convey how each character is feeling.
The illustrations have been produced using Copic Multiliner Pens  and Copic Markers. For more information about the products click on the relevant links


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How To Draw a Chibi Manga Style Girl May 14, 2010

Chibi is a Japanese word meaning “short person” or “small child.” Super deformed or SD is a specific style of Japanese caricature where characters are drawn in an exaggerated way, typically small and chubby, with stubby limbs and oversized heads, to make them resemble small children.

Chibi characters are normally between two and four ‘heads tall’, meaning the size of the head is between half and a quarter of the whole body. The characters in these tutorials are slightly more than two heads tall, but feel free to draw whatever size you feel most comfortable with.

The most important thing is to make sure the body retains a ‘chunky’ feel, which matches the rest of the character. Joints on the body such as the shoulder and neck should be kept narrow in order to allow for a large amount of movement, but in general the limbs will be thicker than normal.

Chibi hair is often equally chunky, with the hair clumped together into large spiky strips, or simplified to look much bolder than usual. You can still achieve some fine detail, but the hair ought to be as bold as the rest of the character – it’s a great opportunity to have fun! Try out some hairstyles that would look unusual on a regular person, and play around with colours.
The most important thing about Chibi characters is that they are all about fun, and they’re just as fun to draw!

This Chibi style Manga girl was drawn using Derwent Inktense pencils. The simplest way to describe them is ink but in a pencil style format. For more information on Inktense pencils click here Derwent Inktense Pencils .

Chibi Manga Style Female
Chibi characters are often presented in a bright and cheerful manner, and this girl is no exception! Her golden locks surround a beaming face and her blue dress is vibrant and colourful with a pattern of apples around it and matching red lace frills and belt. The socks are designed to match the dress perfectly, with an added frill of red lace along the top. Finally, her shoes, bag and accessories are all carefully picked out to complement her dress.

Chibi Manga Girl Outline

Step 1: Start off by drawing the character outlines with the ‘Outliner’ pencil. It is possible to erase the lines with a regular pencil eraser, but you have to be careful when drawing. Try to avoid pressing too hard with this pencil otherwise the lines will be difficult to remove. (For an outline to copy and the completed character, see the end of this tutorial.)

Chibi manga style socks Step 2: Now that the pencils lines are in place we can start adding colour, beginning with the socks. First of all, draw the outline of the area with the Iris Blue pencil. This helps to ensure the area has a crisp and solid outline. Lightly fill in the area with Iris Blue, being sure to apply very little pressure. Now it’s time to paint! Simply apply a light wash to the area you have coloured, with the paintbrush, in order to blend the colours together into an even tone. You don’t need too much water, but try to paint each area in full before it dries to avoid uneven colours.

Chibi Manga style legs

Step 3: Now apply the same technique to the skin. It’s useful to allow each area of colour to dry before moving on to the next, so that colours don’t spread into one another. Using the Baked Earth pencil draw the outline of the legs and then start to lightly fill in the skin area.

However, rather than filling in the whole of the area with pencil, only colour the parts beneath the skirt and below the knee leaving a patch of white around the knee area. This area of white gives the skin a shiny feel. Now apply a little water to the colour as before, but keep the brush strokes to the outside of the legs, and below the knee area ensuring to keep the patch of white around the knee.

Chibi Mange style dress

Step 4: Now we continue to fill in the other areas of colour using the same technique. The dress is filled in with Iris Blue, first defining the outlines of the areas and then filling in with colour. The rest of the skin is coloured using Baked Earth, just as you did for the legs. The skin has highlights on the arms and hands, so the upwards facing areas of these parts of the body have been left white.

Chibi Manga style Hair

Step 5: It’s now time to tackle those golden curls! Using the Cadmium Orange pencil, define the outline of the hair. You can draw extra lines for the areas where the hair overlaps itself. The hair has a large area of highlight at the top that is left blank, in a similar manner to the skin. Now, apply some extra Cadmium Orange pencil to the area of blonde hair located behind the character’s neck, as this will make it darker. Apply a little water to create a colour wash as before, taking extra care to keep the brush wet to avoid the ink from drying whilst you’re filling out the colour area.

Chibi Manga Style Dress detail

Step 6: Using the Cherry pencil, mark out the details on the dress such as the apples, the frills and the belt. Define the outline and then fill in the central areas, before applying a little water to the details you have coloured in. This will intensify the red.

Manga style clothing Step 07: The red colour is lovely, but we want it brighter and richer! And this is the beauty of the Inktense pencils. If you wait a few moments to allow the red colour to dry, and then apply more Cherry pencil evenly over the top and finally add a little more water, this will greatly intensify the red, really bringing out the richness of tone. Do the same thing to the handbag, socks and shoes.

She is now complete!

Chibi Manga Style girl
Simple – you now have your Chibi Manga Style Girl !

These illustrations were drawn using Derwent Inktense Pencils. Inktense Pencils come in a range of 72 fabulous colours. They are highly pigmented and can be used as demonstrated here and for everything from silk painting to fashion design. For more information on the Inktense Pencil Range follow this link: Derwent Inktense Pencils

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