PanPastels Make their TV debut Today March 21, 2012

five colour set Panpastel

5 colour basic set of PanPastels

Well if you have never tried PanPastel or seen them demonstrated, then today is the day to discover them. Just switch on your TV to the Create & Craft Channel today at 11am and you’ll see the talented Kay Halliwell Sutton from IndigoBlu showing you how to use PanPastels with your stamps.

You will see first hand just how easy they are to use and the range of things you can do with them. Remember they are a dry colour so you don’t even have to wait for them to Dry !!! So grab a cup of coffee settle into you comfy TV chair and enjoy. If after watching your inspired to have a go, then don’t forget we have our Spring Offer on Panpastel.¬†You can enjoy 10% discount off and free Postage & Packing. To see this offer follow this link to our site

PanPastel Spring Special Offer

We’d love to hear what you think about them.

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