Drawing Manga Eyes May 20, 2010

Essential parts of the eye

The essential parts of the eye that need to be incorporated

The diagram shows the essential parts of the eye. The eyes are an important subject especially in Manga. 

The upper and the lower eyelids determine its outline. In most drawings, the upper eyelids are more accentuated on the upper portion with the edge of the eyelashes pointing upwards. You will notice single or double-layered eyelids. 

Single layered eyelids

Single layered eyelids

Double layered eyelids

Double layered eyelids

The lower eyelid may sometimes disappear when there are tears present.
Lower Eyelid disappearing

Lower eyelids not visible

and sometimes are hardly ever shown as in the 2 illustrations below.
No lower eyelids

No lower eyelids

No lower eyelids

The cornea is drawn in an oval fashion often quite bigger than the outline of the eye. The top and bottom parts of the oval are covered by the eyelids therefore making the eyes appear slightly rectangular. 

Drawing the cornea of the eye

Drawing the cornea

Eyes are given life and sparkle through details like light being reflected by them. 

giving life and sparkle to the eye

Adding highlights to the eye

However, the eyelids may also be shown drooping downwards, instead of the normal way.
Eyelids drooping downwards

Eyelids drooping downwards

Manga eyes drooping eyelids
Why don’t you have a go at drawing the different types of eyes to explore how easy it is to convey how each character is feeling.
The illustrations have been produced using Copic Multiliner Pens  and Copic Markers. For more information about the products click on the relevant links


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Copic Markers Introductory Tutorial. May 18, 2010

If you are just starting out with Copic Markers then this video may help to answer some of your initial questions. A summary of what is covered is detailed below:

How Copic Markers compare with Stampin up Markers

Which colour Copic Markers you should buy

How to use the Copic Markers colour chart to help you choose your colour pallet and avoid buying duplicate Copic marker colours

Summary of the differences between Copic Original Marker, Copic Ciao Marker and Copic Sketch Marker

Advice on which inks work well with Copic markers when stamping

Examples of which papers work well with Copic Markers

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Getting the most out of your Copic Markers March 9, 2010

If you are a frequent or heavy user of Copic Markers and find that you are having to replace them all too often, you may be interested in a more economical solution.

The tips on each Copic marker are made from a durable material that will last many years, if they are cared for properly. When I say cared for, I simply mean replacing the caps after use. When your marker runs out (usually indicated by streaking of the colours as you lay them down) rather than throwing it away why not refill it?

Refilling your markers not only saves you money it’s also more environmentally friendly.

Did you know that one single bottle of Copic Various Ink refills a Copic Sketch Marker at least 13 times, a Copic Ciao Marker over 16 times and the Copic Original Marker 9 times. This makes Copic the most economical marker system worldwide.

Removing the tip from a Copic Marker

Simply match the colour number with your marker colour number and it’s like having a brand new marker to work with. They come with guaranteed colour consistency and a 3 year shelf life, so there’s no need to worry about colour mismatching.
How easy is it to refill my marker I hear you ask?

Simple, you use tweezers to remove the tip from the marker shaft and refill the marker with ink.

COPIC ink is alcohol-based, fast-drying, permanent, non-toxic and acid free. It does not dissolve toner and works well with watercolors and coloured pencils for mixed media studies.

Copic Marker being refilled with Copic Various Ink

For more information on Copic Ink refills you can visit our website at:
Copic Marker Ink Refills from Your Creativity Store.

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