Getting the most out of your Copic Markers March 9, 2010

If you are a frequent or heavy user of Copic Markers and find that you are having to replace them all too often, you may be interested in a more economical solution.

The tips on each Copic marker are made from a durable material that will last many years, if they are cared for properly. When I say cared for, I simply mean replacing the caps after use. When your marker runs out (usually indicated by streaking of the colours as you lay them down) rather than throwing it away why not refill it?

Refilling your markers not only saves you money it’s also more environmentally friendly.

Did you know that one single bottle of Copic Various Ink refills a Copic Sketch Marker at least 13 times, a Copic Ciao Marker over 16 times and the Copic Original Marker 9 times. This makes Copic the most economical marker system worldwide.

Removing the tip from a Copic Marker

Simply match the colour number with your marker colour number and it’s like having a brand new marker to work with. They come with guaranteed colour consistency and a 3 year shelf life, so there’s no need to worry about colour mismatching.
How easy is it to refill my marker I hear you ask?

Simple, you use tweezers to remove the tip from the marker shaft and refill the marker with ink.

COPIC ink is alcohol-based, fast-drying, permanent, non-toxic and acid free. It does not dissolve toner and works well with watercolors and coloured pencils for mixed media studies.

Copic Marker being refilled with Copic Various Ink

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