Things you can do with Pencil Erasers. June 11, 2010

Derwent Battery Operated Eraser

When you mention the word “Eraser”, most people think about it being used to rub out unwanted marks. However they can do much more than that. Derwent has launched two new erasers which are ideal for creating unusual effects and for experimenting with different drawing techniques. They can still of course be used to rub out unwanted marks too!

Derwent Electric EraserThe first is a Battery Operated Eraser – when the eraser is switched on, the spinning action of the eraser lifts the pigment from the paper surface. This makes it ideal for correcting mistakes or re-working very small areas.

The precise control offered by the eraser makes it suitable for highlighting as shown opposite in the picture of the dog’s eye.

Derwent Electric Eraser image 2

For greater flexibility the erasers shape can be changed by working it on a spare piece of paper. For example a flat tip will give you a nice sharp edge which will erase a thin line, whereas a round or conical tip will allow you to erase a small dot.

The Battery Eraser offers precision in erasing graphite and coloured pencil  – here the artist has used the eraser to reproduce the engraved flower pattern on the surface of the bowl of cherries (3).

Derwent Electric Eraser image 3

The eraser is operated by pushing down the button located on the top. The position of the button means it is perfect for left or right handed people and is very comfortable to use. It comes with 8 spare erasers and is economically priced. The product features an extra long eraser for extended use.

If you run out of eraser tips they’ve got that covered by offering a pack of 30 replacement erasers for around £1.00.

Derwent Pencil Eraser image 1Derwent Eraser Pencil with Brush

The second new eraser is the Derwent Eraser Pencil with Brush, which is invaluable for cleaning up the white paper surrounding an image, including feint grid lines. As can be seen in the photograph opposite, the eraser pencil is being used to clean up the areas under and around the snow leopard’s eyes.

Derwent Pencil Eraser Image 2The brush on the end of the eraser pencil is a great additional feature that can be used to gently sweep away debris to ensure the drawing stays as clean as possible.
With the eraser pencil, smaller, controlled areas of graphite can be erased or corrected. Instead of cutting slivers from a plastic or soft eraser, more control is achieved with the eraser pencil whose ‘point’ can be sharpened to any required shape with a craft knife. Using a ruler, the eraser pencil can be used to create a clean, straight edge on a finished piece of work.

Drawings can also be made lighter with the eraser pencil which is especially useful in creating reflections ,such as the Red Breasted Goose image. Here the artist has used a dragging motion to soften the reflection

The Derwent pencil eraser with brush is available in a pack of two pencils.

If you want to know more click on this link  Derwent Eraser Pencil

All of the above images were created using pencils from the Derwent range of pencils. for more information on the full Derwent range follow this link Derwent Pencil Range

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