Want Darker than a 9B Pencil ? July 9, 2010


Derwent Onyx tonal comparison

Have you ever been drawing and thought I need a really dark pencil? When I say dark I mean even darker than a 9B.

You may recall that with Graphic pencils the H stands for Hardness and the B for Blackness well 9B is the highest it goes in terms of Darkness. Well that was until Derwent launched their new Onyx pencil.

 The Derwent Onyx pencil is made from smooth dark graphite and allows you to instantly create dense rich jet-black tones. Its 4mm wide core has a non-crumbly texture which means it will sharpen and hold a fine point for longer making it ideal for hatching. Also, it will smudge allowing you to blend it with your finger tip or if you prefer to keep your hands clean use a Tortillon.

Landscape drawn with Derwent Onyx Pencil

Landscape drawn with Derwent Onyx Pencil

 The Derwent Onyx pencil is equally good for quick expressive sketches as well as detailed technical and architectural drawings. If you require really deep tones these can be built up by applying increased pressure. Less pressure will achieve lighter tones ideal for more precise work.

Derwent Onyx is available in two tones, Medium and Dark, which can be purchased individually for around £1.50 each or in a pack containing 4 pencils (2 Dark Onyx & 2 Medium Onyx) with a sharpener and eraser for around £5.00.

If you want more information about Derwent Onyx is wish to purchase them then follow this link: Derwent Onyx Pencils

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