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Graph It Single Markers


For users of alcohol based markers the Graph’It range provides a new modern alternative. With a unique, sleek ergonomic design and a colour range devised by top Paris and London fashion houses, they will appeal to Designers, Crafters, Manga Artists and Students.


This new marker from Graph’It has a unique triangular shaped body making them more comfortable and easier to use than the more traditional round shaped barrel. They have a high quality Japanese made Chisel Nib at one end and a Fine Detail nib at the other, making them ideal for both large and more intricate studies. They will also last longer than many other brands with approximately 20% more ink. The end caps are coloured to match the colour of the ink and have bold colour codes making colour selection easier.

The range consists of 158 carefully selected colours with 11 different skin tones and a new range of greys not found in any other range - Pink Greys and Green Greys. You can down load a copy of the Graph'It Marker Colour chart in PDF format by following this link:  Graph It Colour Chart 158 colours