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Sofft Tools

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Sofftlogo.gifSofft® is a range of contemporary tools, applicators and sponges that were originally developed for use with the PanPastel range of products however they have found favour with Artists & Crafters in a variety of areas. 

These unique sponge-based tools are made from a specially formulated micropore sponge, so that artists/crafters can use them with water-based media for creating a variety of exciting new techniques and effects.

Sofft® Tools are versatile, inexpensive, easy to clean and can be re-used multiple times.

Use with a variety of painting and drawing mediums for applying, painting, blending and manipulating colour including:

69100_Sofft_Combo_Set_Contents_COMPRESSED.jpg• PanPastel™ Colours

• Soft Pastel Sticks

• Charcoal • Watercolours

• Acrylics

• Waterbased Craft Paints

• Ceramics

If you would like to download a Leaflet with further information on the sofft tools range click here: Sofft Tools Range

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